We must stand together

I am writing about my dismay over the fact that recently there were two separate solidarity events for Israel; the first taking place in Pioneer Square and the second at Congregation Beth Shalom. One was co-sponsored by the Orthodox congregations and the other co-sponsored by the Conservative, Reform and other congregations. On its face, the separation by levels of observance implies that the community is divisive.
I understand that there was a mix of timing issues with a bit of politics that resulted in two events instead of one. Without going into the details as to how this came about or placing blame, as a member of our larger Seattle community, I am truly disappointed.
Although I am a member of an Orthodox congregation, I feel that we are all Jews and need to symbolically and literally stand together on such issues. If there is one concern that virtually all of us can and should agree upon, it is the defense of the State of Israel and the safety of its citizens. For reasons that should be apparent, Seattle needs to appear unified about our solidarity with Israel.
I have written this letter in hopes that this letter will stir greater effort to bond our community by having such events sponsored jointly by all of Seattle’s congregations and organizations.
Ralph Maimon, Seattle