The thrill of winning (but winning isn’t everything)

The thrill of winning (but winning isn’t everything)

Ben Bridge

By Richelle Willner Martin
The JUMP boardroom presentation day took place on March 19, 2014, on the 25th floor of a skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan. Each of the five teams was granted 15 minutes to present everything they had accomplished in the past five months to a set of five judges. Each team presented in a variety of ways, from recap videos to PowerPoint presentations to interactive presentations, and did their best to convince the judges why they were the best.
Walking into that boardroom, you may think that the atmosphere would be filled with competition and rivalry. However, it was the complete opposite. Each team was so welcoming and supportive of its competitors. Instead of presenting to a room of people hoping for your downfall, you were presenting to a room of people really interested in what you had to say and really encouraging about how well you did.
Each team had one event they focused on. Ours was our INSECURI-T’s campaign. We felt that this one would resonate the most in the minds of our audience and be the most relatable.
When the judges spoke to us, they said how impressed they were with everything we accomplished with such a small community and how proud of ourselves we should be.
Even though we won, if we hadn’t, our emotions about the whole JUMP experience would be the same. Everything we did impacted our community in such a big way that our events have become annual events and are being highly anticipated by the community. Every team accomplished amazing things and learned true lessons about leadership and teamwork, which will help carry them through life.

Richelle Willner Martin is in 11th grade at NYHS.


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