Speak for yourself

This is in response to Shoshana Wineburg’s open letter to Ari Shavit of June 13. I am a Millennial. I have been on Birthright and formed lasting friendships. I have participated in the full range of Jewish observance, from Reform to Orthodox, and have invested much personal time and effort studying the histories of our people and the modern State of Israel. While I respect Shoshana’s right to share her opinion, I found her statements on Jewish Millennials and Israel disturbing and full of error, both in fact and degree. She describes this “universalism” that appeals so much to us Millennials and what we all feel concerning Israeli-Palestinian relations. I can only speak for myself; and what I’d like to say is that Shoshana doesn’t know me, and hasn’t a clue about how I feel. So the next time Ms. Wineburg decides to speak on behalf of an entire generation, please remember to exclude me.

Elizabeth Meyers