Score one for “The cause”

Are there readers of the JTNews who think that the recent kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers on a hike will hurt the “Palestinian cause”? If so, they should think again. Killers, like other people, follow the news. They know that every new act of terror, the more barbaric the better, is interpreted by the liberal mind as testifying to the
oppressiveness of Israelis. After all, reason the progressives of the Presbyterian Church/USA, or the editors of The New York Times, or Jewish Voice for Peace, doesn’t every
barbaric act (bus bombings, synagogue bombings, Passover seder bombings, shooting Jewish cripples in their wheelchairs, massacring school children) — and what “liberation movement” more barbaric than the Palestinian one? — testify to just how guilty the Israelis must be? Otherwise, how could Palestinians commit such monstrous deeds?

Edward Alexander