JTNews.net is now The Jewish Sound

We have undergone a complete redesign of our site that includes a new name and a new community calendar.

Our online presence is now known as JewishSound.org. The site is faster, easier to navigate, and much easier to read. It’s also friendlier to smartphones and tablets, and includes calendar listings right here on the front page.

You can also share our articles on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ much more easily, and, for the first time, you may leave comments on each article.

We’ve also got some new features, including more comprehensive, regularly updated international news from multiple sources — often articles you won’t find in the JTNews in print — and the first episode of The Transcript, our podcast by associate editor Emily K. Alhadeff.

Some notes on this site:

• The email addresses for our staff have not changed.

• We have completely overhauled the software system we use to present JewishSound.org, so any previous links you may have had to articles will no longer work. But you can still search and find them again for relinking.

• If there’s something featured on our previous site that you miss, let us know!

We hope you come back on a daily basis, to one hub where you can find all of your Jewish news.

— Joel Magalnick, Publisher and Editor, JTNews and JewishSound.org